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Bullying has been around for decades but has become very prevalent in our society with social media outlets.  These outlets are at our kids fingertips 24/7 and are very difficult to monitor.  While these outlets are a great way to communicate and keep up with friends/family, they can also be used as a bullying tool.  Kids say things that are viewable by millions as soon as they hit the send/submit button. Once they are out there, they are very difficult to take back.  The AJHS staff is teaching students this is hurtful to others and no way to solve problems.  We are giving them tools to help solve problems in a civilized and peaceful way.  With this being said, we understand not all students will follow this process so we have come up with a quick and easy way for anyone to report Bullying.  This is an anonymous way for parents or students to get a message out to the Principal so they can document the incident, investigate parties involved, and discipline if need be.

Parents or students can e-mail The Stop Bullying Hotline at:  stopbullyingajh@gmail.com  

Parents or students can call The Stop Bullying Hotline at:  1-626-921-6739

Parents or students can text The Stop Bullying Hotline at:  1-626-921-6739

All we ask is that you give us detailed information about the individuals getting bullied such as:  when it is happening, where it is happening, how it is happening, potential witnesses.  We do not need your name just your information.

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